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Fiber Mill Project


Keep fiber in kentucky

We have the opportunity to purchase the only working fiber mill in Kentucky. We plan to relocate it from south central Kentucky to Simpsonville, just around the corner from the outlet mall on I-64. This mill will provide jobs, centralize wool production in the state, allow us to have a statewide Fibershed affiliate, keep KY wool KY Proud, and act as a step in the vertical integration of fiber and textile production in our state.

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In-House services

Producers will be able to have their animals sheared at the mill and either receive a check for selling their fiber to us or place their order for processing. A dedicated shearing crew will not only be on hand in our shearing shed, but will eventually travel to arranged locations statewide to offer mobile shearing days.
Of course we'll offer all the services on which you depend: scouring, picking, carding, roving, spinning, corespun, blending, and felt.


Educational opportunities

In addition to hosting tours and artists in residence, we will provide year-round shearing lessons, host some of the state fiber activities, and provide a home for Kentucky's annual Wool Pool. We will partner with local agricultural programs, universities, and high schools to create internship opportunities. Down the road we intend to have on-site exhibition stations: plots of natural dye and fiber plants, a barn with a variety of KY's fiber animals, craftspeople in residence, etc.


Parity Pricing for Producers

As wool growers ourselves, we understand the difficulties faced by the 10,000 fiber producers in our state. We believe that all fiber has purpose and value, and we are dedicated to helping you achieve the most from your raw goods. We believe that the Fibershed model of soil-to-soil textiles produced and purchased within a region offers the best opportunity for the fiber industry to be sustainable. In addition to eliminating shipping costs for most Kentucky producers, we aim to increase your profit by purchasing your fleeces at much higher prices than the commercial market.


How can I help?

There are many ways you can help us achieve our goal of helping you!

  • Sign a Letter of Intent: this is not a contract; it merely aids investors and grantors in understanding how much interest and support we actually have, and how much fiber is out there waiting to be processed in state!
  • Spread the Word: tell all the producers you know! Have them find me at a fiber festival! Stop by your local Extension office and tell them you've heard about this project and you want it to happen! (We are applying to the Ag Development boards in several counties for grant money.)
  • Donate to our Kickstarter: it's not open yet, because the campaign has to be short and sweet, but it's coming so stay tuned!!
  • Donate privately: we promise that every dollar you donate will absolutely be put toward the mill, and if we don't get it, we'll hand your check right back.