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Grassfed lamb, pastured eggs, vegetables, local products


lamb Cuts, eggs, & Produce!

Products can be picked up at the farm by appointment or during business hours at Alex's Middletown location in Louisville. Email with questions or to arrange an alternate pickup location.

Versatile and delicious chops

Versatile and delicious chops

Lamb Cuts

A few times a year, Ballyhoo offers fresh, pasture-raised, grass fed, non-certified organic lamb. These animals have been raised by their mothers and are weaned and sexually mature.  Grass fed lamb is high in Omega-3, zinc, selenium, B vitamins, and CLA, low in fat, and is recommended by the American Diabetes Association for the absence of carbs. Our sheep experience low-stress handling from birth to death. They are taken directly from the farm to Trackside Butcher Shoppe, a USDA-inspected facility a few miles away, and are humanely processed. Our lamb has a delicate flavor and is quite lean.

Pastured Eggs, $3.50/doz.

The legal space allowance for a free-range chicken is 2sq ft. Our chickens have 10 acres! They are out from daylight to dusk, and we have eggs 50 weeks a year! Our hens lay both white and brown eggs, and aside from a few rescue chickens we have all heritage breeds.

Muscovy and Cayuga duck eggs are available in limited quantities at various points throughout the year. $6/dozen




From May through October (sometimes November), Ballyhoo Farm offers fresh heirloom variety fruits, vegetables, and herbs. We NEVER use chemicals - we use companion planting and geese for weed and pest control, and fertilize using manure and compost. All produce is harvested by hand.

A comprehensive list of varieties and estimated harvest times is available. We will list available items weekly as harvested.