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Lamb Shares

Farm Share Items

Lamb Shares

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IMG_4715 (2).JPG

Lamb Shares

from 110.00

A quarter lamb will include between 10 and 20 lbs of meat, plus organs and/or bones on request.
A half lamb will include between 26 and 45 lbs of meat, plus organs and/or bones on request.

We will contact you prior to processing to help you determine what cuts you'd like. The total price, including all butcher fees, is about $9/lb.

A standard half lamb share includes:

  • One Leg of Lamb - choose from a Bone-in Roast, Boneless Roast or Kabob
  • One Shoulder - choose from Ground lamb, Kabob, Bone-in Roast or Boneless Roast
  • Ribs - choose from Rib Chops or Racks
  • Loin Chops - Expect 8-10 loin chops, the standard is 1 ¼” thick, but you can specify a different thickness
  • Neck - choose a neck roast with the bone-in, or the neck will be ground and the bones are used for soup.
  • Ground Lamb - Approximately 2-5lbs of ground meat
  • Shanks - a piece of meat from knee to ankle; delicious if slow cooked, great with red wine
  • Organs - Heart, kidneys, and liver. Available upon request.  
  • Additional Bones - Available upon request.

All cuts will be vacuum-sealed and frozen. Meat is usually available for pick up the day after processing.

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