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Ballyhoo Fiber Emporium Podcast



Episode Forty-Two: TougHer - Workwear for Women

Madeline Rosenberg

Whether two-legged or four, we all know who runs the world. Now if only we could do it in clothes that actually FIT!

Enter Stacey Gose, creator and CEO of TougHer workwear for women. I cannot adequately express my delight in Stacey's success, products, and willingness to join me on the podcast. It's so fitting that we shared this conversation on International Women's Day; she's literally changing our world with pants that fit like a glove and gloves that actually fit! From the beautiful Pacific Northwest to a tannery in Wisconsin to Iowa's farmland, this company connects and supports women.

Episode Forty: Shepherds of the Southwest

Madeline Rosenberg

This week we're exploring shepherding systems in Arizona with Barbara Jaquay, Humanities speaker and author of Where Have All the Sheep Gone?. If you are involved in the Arizona sheep industry and would like to be included in Barbara's next book, please contact her.

Check out the Sheep is Life festival and the Trailing of the Sheep for memorable and meaningful experiences. As always, I encourage you to join the conversation either in the show notes, on our Facebook page, or by leaving comments and reviews on iTunes!