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Episode Eight: Self-Care for the Shepherdess

In all the hustle and ballyhoo it's tough to remember that you need care, too! Part of adulting is keeping your own batteries charged, your sanity intact, your creative juices flowing. Join me in a discussion about increasing our physical, mental, and emotional well-being!

Prolotherapy is the reason I'm able to continue farming. I think I may need a touch-up soon, it's been 2 years. For more on this incredible treatment, visit To learn about my history with prolotherapy, visit the farm website. You can see some awesome photos of my neck compared to a normal neck! I actually had to give up sheep for a couple of years and it was the worst thing ever. Thanks to prolotherapy I am more active than ever in producing fiber and I intend to keep raising wonderful sheep as long as I can! Next year will mark a decade since doctors told me I'd be crippled in 20 years. Wow. Halfway already. I fully expect to beat those odds - in ten more years I plan to be cuddling lambs and shearing rams!

Please do share your tips for self-care, either below in the comments or on the Ballyhoo Facebook page!

Learn more about Peggy Taylor by visiting the Loom Hall website or Facebook page, and see beautiful Historic Locust Grove as well!

A HUGE THANK YOU to Snyder's Spindles for my lovely Turkish drop spindle featuring Zeke at work!!! I love it so much, and I'm so excited to share my favorite spindles in next week's giveaway! Hopefully I'll get to chat with Scott after his Rhinebeck adventure!