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Happy Hanukkah!

Alright Ballyhooligans, I'm gonna let you in on all 8 nights of discounts tonight! Each code is good for 24 hours, from 5pm to 4:59pm.

Night 1: Free shipping on all orders! Code SHIPFREE.

Night 2: Buy one get one free on all roving! Code ChanukahBOGO.

Night 3: 10% off any order! Code Chanukah10

Night 4: 15% off any order! Code Chanukah15

Night 5: 20% off any order! Code Chanukah20

Night 6: 25% off any order! Code Chanukah25

Night 7: 30% off any order! Code Chanukah30

Night 8: Half off orders of $100 or more! Code Chanukahhalf

It pays to listen! :-D Thanks again for your support!

Madeline RosenbergComment