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Episode Three: Getting Started

This week I talk about starting as a small ruminent producer. The Godflocker returns for another spindle review, and we recount our visit to the KY State Fair. Also, I'll introduce you to the new Ballyhoo Farm Livestock Guardian Dog, who is currently napping in the shade in the middle of the pasture.

Explore 3-D printed spindles from Turtle Made, shop a world of fibers at The Woolery, and book a visit to the North American International Livestock Exhibition!

When I was starting out, I found the forums at Homesteading Today to be extremely helpful. As with any online group or discussion forum, you will get more information, opinion, and attitude than you bargained for. Be patient - we were all beginners once, but some of us find it harder to remember than others.

I'm not sure what programs other state agricultural departments offer. Kentucky's is

This week's giveaway is a skein of Ballyhoo handspun yarn.

This week's giveaway is a skein of Ballyhoo handspun yarn.