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Winning Weekend

Ballyhoo made quite a showing at the KY Sheep and Fiber Festival this weekend! I took fleeces off both Cake and Cinnabon. Cake's outstanding fleece once again weighs in at 4lbs or better (the hard winter was good for something). Cinnabon's was useless. Icelandics have to be sheared as soon as they hit the rise. Since the weather was so crazy this year I ended up leaving it too long and she was dredlocked from nose to tail. What a waste! But she'll give me another fleece with 3" staple length this fall.
Zeke got to spend Sunday at the festival. I told him I was taking him to paradise, and man did I deliver! He got to eat lamb (in my gyro, not on the hoof!), he licked babies and lay down for children to pet him, and his nose went a mile a minute all day. Goats, alpacas, people, sheep, llamas...a bevy of interest for a Border Collie! He behaved very well.
The sheep were the stars of the show! Well, Cinnabon was a star. Cake had no interest whatsoever in being off the farm, especially after I shamed him by making him nude in public! The lambs got used to things pretty quickly. Cinnabon started her Saturday with a delicious and wholesome bite of my cinnamon Pop Tart. It was so tasty she french kissed me. Gross. When the crowds starting passing by she got a little nervous, but it wasn't long before she realized that vocalizing drew people over, and once in front of her there was a 50/50 shot she'd get a treat. She started hamming it up, giving kisses, talking to specific people, getting the other sheep to talk as well. Ridiculous! She'd be a heck of a saleswoman if she could speak English!!
Llama made us particularly proud, putting Ballyhoo on the map with a blue ribbon in the fleece competition! Not only is he a big winner, the fleece sold to a lady from West Virginia! Ballyhoo goes further afield, mwahahahaha..... Soon we'll take over the fiber world. I'm sad I won't get to play with his fleece this year, but there's always next spring.