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Episode Twenty-Six: Margaret Russell Saves the Sheep!

I'm absolutely chuffed to present Margaret Russell of Antrim Handweaving. She has dedicated herself to a series of Preservation Wraps, each showcasing a breed of sheep that is currently listed as primitive, rare, and/or threatened by the Rare Breed Survival Trust and the American Livestock Conservancy. Fiber arts goes back nearly 400 years in her family! Grab a cup of tea, your WIP, and settle in for an amazing exploration of heritage breeds and handweaving!

CORRECTION: I mistakenly introduced Margaret as being from upstate NY. She lives in Byfield, Mass. Also, I stated Koty's Instagram name as orangetint. It is, in fact, orangetint09. My sincere apologies to both Margaret and Koty!

L to R: Portland, Hebridean, Leicester Longwool, Manx Loaghtan, Clun Forest, British Soay

L to R: Portland, Hebridean, Leicester Longwool, Manx Loaghtan, Clun Forest, British Soay

All wools in the above photo were sourced from the UK except the British Soay, which is from the US.

Some of Margaret's resources are listed below:

Woolsack: basically a compendium of all things related to British wool! Producers, breed info, retailers, and more.
The Livestock Conservancy: bastien of all heritage livestock in the US. They also have a podcast!
Rare Breeds Survival Trust: much the same as above, but in the UK!
Garthenor: Organic British wools and woollen products
Shetland Organics: Co-op of Shetland crofters who sell their wool and handknit items
Helder Herdwyck Farm: Erin Bradt is dedicated to raising heritage breed livestock, including the American Herdwick sheep. She's also a fellow graduate of HMI!
All in a Spin: Wonderful Clun Forest in the UK, as well as spinning and weaving opportunities.
The British Yarn Guide: More info on British breeds!


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