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Ballyhoo Fiber Emporium podcast for fiber artists and producers featuring farm tips, sheep education, industry guests, farm updates, and more!

Episode One: Welcome to Ballyhoo Farm

The premiere of the Ballyhoo Fiber Emporium podcast! Thanks for listening; I hope you enjoy!

I am from McMinnville, Oregon, a small town (well, it was when I lived there) in the heart of the Willamette Valley. It was an idyllic place to grow up, very Norman Rockwell. I lived an hour from the coast, the mountains, and the high desert plateau.

More about every breed of sheep can be found at Oklahoma State University's Department of Animal Science website:

My first fiber festival was the Indiana Music and Fiber Festival, now held in Clarksville IN. More about The Woolery and The Little Loomhouse can be found on their respective websites. The Americana Community Center's Fiberworks program has both a website and an Etsy shop.

Jon Katz is my spirit animal. His website is full of beautiful photos, thoughtful written posts, and links to his wife Maria's art. You can also follow him on facebook and instagram.

What is FATE? Widget dragged himself into the house at about 3am in the middle of a storm. At seven years young and always healthy, he suddenly had no co-ordination, could hardly move under his own power, and seemed to exhibit the symptoms of a stroke. He was diagnosed as having a blood clot in his left rear leg; he was extremely fortunate that it didn't occur bi-laterally. Even with only one side the mortality rate is about 95%. Only 27% of patients make it home from the vet, and most die within 11 months. Widget is doing very well on a baby aspirin to thin his blood and a pill to regulate his heart murmur, which I had no idea he had until this happened. More info is available at

Where is Ballyhoo fiber processed? I use Autumn House Farm exclusively for my roving; they process organically so my wool is literally treated by hand from shearing through to the finished product. I also do some shearing for local smallholders, flocks of five or less, and that wool plus my seconds goes to Round Barn Fiber Mill to become corespun.

This Week's Giveaway: It's a 238yd skein of handspun Ballyhoo Yarn! This triple ply sport weight features Big Mama (Shetland), Calamari (Balwen Welsh Mtn), and Aillil (Shetland lamb).

A Few Notes on Production: This podcast is not yet available on Stitcher Radio but will be soon! I will have a pop filter in coming episodes. Also, I decided the podcast really needed an intro/outro while I was editing. This week's theme is provided by Purl and Cinnabon, the Icelandic ewes, and Black Twig Pickers, courtesy of the Free Music Archive.