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Episode Two: Be True to Ewe

I am TRULY SORRY for the audio quality this week - the air conditioning kicked on and off throughout the episode and although it didn't seem audible at the time, it definitely is. I've done a ton of editing to make up for it, and I promise future episodes will be better. Live and learn.

This week I'm joined by Brick Walker, the Godflocker of the Ballyhoo Flock. Some of his fiber hats are fiber artist, former partner in an LYS, and returning judge for the KY State Fair knitting competition. Brick studied fashion and textile design before getting a degree in business. He is an avid supporter of small producers and breed-specific yarn.

Brick and I intended to discuss various social media platforms and how they can best be used to promote fiber business. While we did talk about Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, we missed Ravelry! There's definitely more discussion to be had and I look forward to doing that in the future. Really, the theme of our discussion became using your fiber art, social media, and consignment to stay true to yourself.

We'd like to acknowledge the various artists and products that were mentioned in this week's show:

Snyder Spindles, The Dancing Goats, I Want Craft, of course the fabulous Rhinebeck Fiber Festival, Alafoss Wool Store and Thingborg Wool Centre, both in Iceland. Of course we all love Helene Magnusson, who is literally THE Icelandic Knitter!

The very first Ballyhoo Fiber Emporium EXCLUSIVE design will showcase a sheep from each color variation in the flock. The kit will include pattern, "background" yarn, and handspun bulky singles from each sheep to knit their likeness! Our second design will focus on traditional Shetland lacework shawls. Subscribe to get updates on these fantastic projects!

This week's Penny Candy Giveaway is provided by Brick Walker! It's a 4 oz. ball of Gulf Coast Native roving! Comment or leave a question below and you'll be automatically entered to win! Winners are chosen on Sunday night and will be announced in the next podcast. Congratulations to Jay Allen of Clarksville, Indiana for winning last week's Inaugural giveaway! Since neither Jay nor his partner Makayla knit or crochet, I'll be handknitting them some organic wool and catnip toys for their fur babies.