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Episode FIFTY! Blessed Be!

It’s the Shortest Day! (Or Longest Night, however you prefer to celebrate.) I guess I’m a wheel half empty kinda gal. Anyway, Blessed Yule to you and yours as the world holds its breath for the rebirth of the Sun. Settle into the darkness and help the season along by spinning your wheels and spindles as I regale you with stories of Yule and Christmas.

Lyrics to today’s music:
An ash I know it stands -
It is named Yggdrasill.
High tree, sprinkled
With white mud;
There from come the dews
That fall on the dale!
It stands always green above -
The source of Urdhr.
There from come the maids
Much knowing;
Three, their dwelling
Stands under the tree;
Urdh is named one,
The other Verdhandi,
They notched (scored) wood -
Skuld is the third.
They set up the laws,
They decided on the lives
Of the children of time ('the children of man').
They promulgate fate.

Ask veit ek standa,
heitir Yggdrasill
hár baðmr, ausinn hvíta auri;
þaðan koma döggvar þærs í dala falla;
stendr æ yfir grœnn
Urðar brunni.