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Episode Thirty-Nine: Subscribers, Sheep, and San Antonio

Updates on the farm, the flu that brought the shepherds down, how Widget lost his 3rd life, and how many subscribers we have! Then, a full debriefing on the 2018 American Sheep Industry convention (featuring Aria) and soliciting your opinions. There's A LOT to get through, so tear off some roving and get to spinning!

I recorded Roy Kettlewell's presentations at both the ASI Women's meeting and the Board of Directors session. The BoD recording also has a slideshow, which is available to my Ballyhooligans.

If you find yourself in beautiful San Antonio, check out B&D Ice House and go see San Antonio: The Saga. Just don't get lost like I did!

Make sure you have Bags By Terry bookmarked, and listen to an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Terry on the Patreon for FREE!