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  • Ballyhoo has been featured on WDRB in the Morning, WHAS-11 Great Day Live, WAVE 3, and the Holistic Management Inc. blog

  • Grand Champion fleece at the Hoosier Hills Fiber Festival 2015, 2016

  • Ballyhoo Farm is a member of the Organic Association of Kentucky and KY Proud

  • Madeline teaches educational workshops at KY Farm Festival, KY Green Living Festival, Eastern KY Farmer's Conference, and Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival and has presented at Indiana University Southeast.

  • Ballyhoo fleeces and yarns have found homes across the globe; we look forward to visiting a festival near you!

“I adopted a sheep yesterday, as a Christmas present to myself. Not one I keep here, but through the Virtual Shepherding that's offered at Ballyhoo Fiber Emporium. I've done things like Heifer International before, but this one is local to me. in about 40 minutes, I can be pulling up to the farm to hang out with this little guy. When he's shorn, I get a pound of yarn made from his fleece. I'll get updates, pictures, and videos periodically. But mostly I'm excited about the snuggles. If you're looking for a holiday gift for the person who has everything...consider adopting. Even if they're not a crafty knitter or crocheter, they can gift the fleece/roving/yarn back to someone who is, or even donate it back to the farm so they can keep doing what they're doing.
She also has lots of yarn and goodies, if you're into that sort of thing. And a podcast. And classes. And hosts field trips. And still somehow manages to find time to knit with me on occasion."

— M. Clegg, december 20, 2017

"Ballyhoo Farm and the Hooligans that run it will forever be one of my favorite places on earth. The grounds are beautiful and the animals are sweet. On top of that, Madeline is dedicated to sustainable farming that will keep the land she cultivates healthy and long lasting. She truly cares about teaching and helping others learn what it takes to be a caretaker to her animals.”

— M. Gusler, april 29, 2018

“The kids and I are having a great time...."
"[The sheep] are just delightful....You get a real sense of community doing this."

— Good neighbor farm tour attendees, September 16 2017

Spinning at Locust Grove, courtesy of WAVE3.

"Madeline of Ballyhoo Fiber Emporium did a great job of asking me some questions that made me come out of my otherwise reserved shell. If you're interested in natural dyeing, fiber sourcing, sustainable dyeing and much more, listen in for a bit."

— S. Billig, fairytale wool, february 6, 2018