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Speaking, shearing, and consulting services for fiber and sheep producers, church and school groups, fiber festivals, etc.



With over a decade of production experience and as a mentor for several programs, Madeline offers flock and farm consulting services to new and small flock producers. She is open to discussing any topic of interest and will tailor your consultation to the individual needs of your farm and flock. Topics can include:

  • Rotational grazing set up and plans

  • Fleece skirting and grading

  • Routine care (hoof trimming, vaccinations, worming, tagging, and FAMACHA)

  • Breed selection and flock goals

  • Reproduction

  • Lambing

  • Multi-species grazing

  • Pasture and nutrition recommendations (including teeth checks)

  • Marketing and business management

We offer consultation on our farm (where clients can see many practices implemented), or at the client's farm ($1.25 per mile one way applies) on a one-time basis at $50/hour, due at time of service. Madeline can also be retained for consultation via email and telephone on a monthly basis. One month of consultation is included when you purchase one of our sheep.


We offer shearing services for any breed (wool and hair), any size, any season! We specialize in the Shetland rise and small flocks. Basic rates are: electric shearing $20/head, blade shearing $30/head. We do not charge a set up or trip fee within an hour of Shelbyville, KY, and no extra charge for rams. Additional services include: worming $1/head, hoof trimming $8/head. Fees may be incurred for the following: poor condition (obese, severely dirty fleece, hair/wool mix, severely underweight) $5, catching fee $5/head.

Limit 10 head for blade shears. No limit for electric shearing. Please note that if you are showing your fleeces you will get a better clip with blades than electric. Have your sheep sorted into categories and colors if possible. FAST YOUR SHEEP FOR AT LEAST 12 HOURS PRIOR TO SHEARING AND KEEP THEM UNDER SHELTER. We cannot shear wet sheep. We do purchase wool and accept select fleeces in partial trade.

Managed grazing

Do you have difficult terrain on your property? Places with poison ivy, rocky hillsides, areas the mower won't fit? Tired of hiring a crew to run noisy, smelly equipment? Go green! Sheep and goats are ideal for maintaining cemeteries, vineyards, orchards, steep terrain, and other challenging settings.  They eat weeds, grasses, and invasive plants such as blackberry, poison oak and ivy, honeysuckle, kudzu, wild rose, etc. (please note: they eat the leaves off of shrubs, laying the vines bare to be cut away-- they do not eat grapevines, nor the grapevine rootstock) and will strip tree branches to about 4' off the ground.  Their hooves aerate the soil as they graze without damaging the soil structure, and their manure increases water retention in the soil.  We use a simple solar-powered electric fence to keep the grazers in and the predators out. Grazing services start at $125/acre and vary according to situational factors.  Labor and equipment costs are included.

Speaking engagements

Professional shepherdess, speaker, and instructor Madeline Rosenberg is comfortable presenting to groups of any size and demographic. If there is a topic you would like to explore that is not listed below, contact us to organize it!




more than a hobby: the business of fiber

How do you transition from hobby artist to business maven? What's the difference between marketing and branding? Where is the best place to sell your fiber? Let a veteran guide you through the business of fiber arts!

Together we will craft and pitch your story, diversify your product offerings, discover how to be price makers instead of price takers, and build your brand.

This course is a peek behind the curtain, real numbers opportunity to learn what it takes to make an agricultural venture successful in today's global industry.


biodynamic grazing

Most farms are home to multiple species. Did you know Nature means for them to work together to improve your pasture (and your bottom line)? Explore the principles of rotational grazing and the ways in which successive grazing benefits both you and your animals!


The Shepherd series

Designed to make Biblical principles accessible and applicable to modern-day living, this series is based around activities that involve attendees as well as sheep, encouraging your congregation to gain a more intimate perspective of the Bible and their interpersonal relationships.

All presentations can be held at your community center, church, or synagogue, and can be presented with or without the hands-on sheep activities. Printed materials will be provided. You may choose to purchase single presentations starting at $500 or a package of four for $1750.

David the psalmist: standing naked before god

This interactive experience draws parallels between shearing a sheep and the meaning of the 23rd Psalm (The Lord is My Shepherd). Demonstrations bring to life God's rod and staff, the paths of righteousness, and the reason we should all be confident saying, "I will fear no evil".


The binding of isaac: a ram caught in a thicket

Having literally experienced her rams in such a thicket, Madeline is fully prepared to discuss this Biblical story. What does the ram represent, literally and metaphorically? Are we the ram, or are we Abraham? This presentation does not require interaction.


shofar so good

How does a ram's horn become a shofar? What is the history and significance of this ancient instrument? Why does it inspire us today? This presentation involves hands-on materials, but need not involve animals.


leadersheep: Moses the shepherd

From humble shepherd to leader of men, Moses has been lauded as the greatest teacher of the Jewish people and a precursor to Jesus Christ. This interactive experience is suitable for both religious and secular groups as it focuses on the principles of leadership that Moses knew and that shepherds still use today. Demonstrations include unique opportunities to interact with live sheep and learn from them, as well as from one another.


jacob: there's no such thing as free love

The most famous literal shepherd in the Bible, Jacob worked for his father in law for 14 years and built a woolly empire (much like some of the 20th century Basque herders in the Western states). Was Jacob a Master Shepherd, were his plans directed by God, or did he benefit from dumb luck and genetics? Topics include man's plans vs. God's designs and fair business practices, both Biblical and modern day.


Ram's horns and yarmulkes: Sacred space

This interactive experience draws parallels between sheep behavior and our interpersonal conduct. The space between a ram's horns is sacred to sheep; likewise, this is the space we cover with a yarmulke or philactory. Taking the concept one step further, we will explore what 'sacred space' means in our own lives, why we need it, and how it can be maintained. Concepts will be demonstrated using live sheep and interactive worksheets.


rachel the shepherdess

Rachel is the only woman in the Bible listed as belonging to the profession of shepherding. Either as a talk or a dramatic presentation, this experience celebrates Rachel as a woman, shepherdess, and mother of the Jewish people.


building the tabernacle

This interactive experience brings the building of the Tabernacle in the wilderness to life, using hands-on materials and demonstrations of some of the process. Your group will gain a more intimate perspective of what it took for the Israelites to complete such a massive project in the desert, and will gain new appreciation for their individual talents and the skills of those around them.


the fine print

Please note that interactive presentations including sheep are only available within a 4 hour radius of louisville, kentucky.

The price listed represents our base speaker fee for a local keynote or one-day appearance.  Fees are subject to change and may vary based upon the length of presentation desired or the location of your event. Please contact us directly to obtain the specific fee for your event.

It is important to discuss specific plans with us before the contract is issued. If you want to add an event after the contract is issued, please contact us for approval. Additional events may result in additional fees, and requests upon arrival will not be honored.

Additional Expenses

In addition to the speaker's appearance fee, you will also be responsible for the following expenses if the event is more than 2 hours' drive from Shelbyville, Kentucky. Expenses may vary but typically include:

  • Ground Transportation (to/from departure airport and to/from arrival airport). Typically it is the customer's responsibility to provide ground transportation.

  • Travel: airfare or round-trip mileage at IRS allowable rate

  • Accommodations (with a host family, at a conference center where the event is held, or a nearby hotel)

  • Meals from arrival through departure.

After contracting the engagement, we will gladly provide a head shot, bio, and presentation title/description for your promotional efforts. 

Payment Terms
A non-refundable deposit of 20% of the appearance fee is collected at time of booking. This deposit guarantees the date will be reserved on our calendar. The remaining 80% of the appearance fee is due at the time of the event. 

Cancellation Policy

  • If cancellation by the customer occurs within 60-days of the event, 50% of the remaining speaking fee, plus any event-related expenses already incurred are payable to the Speaker and due within two weeks of cancellation date. Cancellation must be submitted in writing with specific reason given.

  • In the unlikely event that the Speaker is unable to fulfill this event, we will notify you and work to reschedule. If no suitable date can be arranged and agreed upon, we will refund the deposit and any non-refundable travel-related expenses that have been paid by the customer within two weeks of final decision.

In the event of an unforeseen circumstance such as hurricane, tornado, flood, blizzard, fire, or other act of God that renders holding your event as stated within the contract impracticable or impossible, all parties will work together to reschedule. If the event cannot be rescheduled within 1-year of the original event date, all parties will then comply with the terms of the Cancellation Policy.