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Purchase local, ethically sourced, natural fiber goods including raw fleece, roving, knitted items, clothing, sheepskins, yarn both handspun and hand dyed, notions, gifts, and more!

Cruelty-Free Feathers

Cruelty-Free Feathers

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Feathers are great for tail spinning, making earrings, as accents, and to decorate felted scenes! With the exception of Henry’s glorious eye feathers, feathers are sold by the dozen. They are clean, in excellent condition, and collected only as they are naturally shed. Our birds free range our entire farm (with the exception of the peafowl, who have their own enclosure) and are never restrained or manhandled.

Sebastopol goose feathers: these long, curly feathers grow all over the body and are what sets this Russian heritage breed apart! You will receive a mix of grey (from Misty) and white (from Mikhail). Since I collect feathers as they are naturally shed, I cannot control what is available.

Peafowl feathers: Henry’s eye feathers are only available when he sheds them in summer and are sold singly. Year-round, we have several colors of down and wing feathers available from Henry and Anne, including zebra, russet, jewel blue, jewel green, and soft grey. You may request a majority of a certain color in your dozen, but I cannot guarantee availability.

Duck and Chicken feathers: a variety of colors of wing and tail feathers! Reuben’s tail feathers are softer and more malleable, but the wing feathers (black and white, white, black, orange, black with green sheen, sometimes brown) have a sturdier spine.

Wild Bird Nests: these nests are collected after they hit the ground; they are FOUND objects. We aren’t sure of the species, but the weavers of these 2-4” nests almost exclusively use our horses’ hair. Sometimes we find a bit of string or poly tarp in them. They are perfectly formed and a bit tricky to ship - packing is reflected in the cost.

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