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Fiber Emporium

Purchase local, ethically sourced, natural fiber goods including raw fleece, roving, knitted items, clothing, sheepskins, yarn both handspun and hand dyed, notions, gifts, and more!



from 26.00

I’m not saying this is the yarn you should get, I’m just saying the other yarn’s aren’t. Why, you ask? Simple, friend. This yarn was spun with MAXIMUM EFFORT!!! Seriously, it’s nature’s blend of hand dyed Merino (so the blood won’t show) and natural black Icelandic (from Ballyhoo’s Juniper), handspun with love…or maybe revenge. And don’t let me catch you whining about price. Good things don’t come cheap (remember how much I sacrificed in the first movie?) If you want your FO to kick A, look no further.

Oh yeah, it’s sport weight. Just like me.

Why are you still here? Go! Buy!

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