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Sheep Shearing

Sheep Shearing

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We offer shearing services for any breed (wool and hair), any size, any season! We specialize in the Shetland rise, primitive breeds, and small flocks.

Madeline has over a decade of experience shearing both blade and electric. She prefers blade for a number of reasons, and shears both on the butt and on the stand. As a fiber artist, shepherdess, and fiber ambassador, her primary concern is the happiness and welfare of your sheep. Second, but equally important, is giving you the best quality clip, pedicure, and advice possible!

Alex prefers electric shears. He is a master at handling even the most ornery sheep! He prefers electric shears and works both on the butt and on the stand. His focus is on getting the wool off as quickly as possible and keeping everyone out of harm's way.

We limit flock size to 12 for blade shearing. There is no limit for electric. We do not charge extra for rams, and we do not charge a trip or set up fee within an hour of Shelbyville, Kentucky.

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