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Lamb is great! Ours is grassfed, sexually mature, raised in a low-stress environment and handled gently. I always say our sheep don’t have a single bad day, just one bad moment. When you buy heart-healthy, carb-free lamb from us, you’re supporting our flock, our family, and our community.

But what do you do with this strange new protein? Let me help you out!

Ground: use it exactly like beef. Seriously. Our ground lamb cooks like 90/10 beef. One pound defrosts at room temperature in about 25 minutes and it cooks up pretty quickly because it’s lean, but you don’t have to drain any fat!
Suggested recipes: chili, burgers, taco meat, shepherd’s pie

Shanks: while there isn’t a ton of meat on this cut, they are SO delicious - this is where the meat literally falls off the bone! Best cooked low and slow, either as a covered dish or in a crock pot.
Suggested recipes: ossobuco, stew, braised with veggies

Chops: lots to choose from here! Loin chops are petite and great for small plates at parties or quick single meals. Rib chops are heartier; both are great marinated! Chops are an extremely versatile cut and you’ll find a plethora of recipes from around the world using a variety of seasonings and prep methods.
Suggested recipes: grilled, tagine, curry

Leg: boneless, butterflied, bone-in? Here’s where it gets a little tricky. A leg is a large cut, a traditional meal, one that makes you think of formal holidays or Sunday dinners. You don’t want to screw it up…. Never fear! Think of legs like a large beef roast. Cook it low and slow with veggies and Yorkshire pudding, roast it, cut it into steaks for the grill or smaller pieces for stew or kebobs. Really anything goes!