Ballyhoo Fiber Emporium
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Virtual Shepherd

Be a ballyhoo shepherd

Share in the excitement of farm life for 365 days by adopting a member of the Ballyhoo flock! Through the Virtual Shepherd Program, you will receive: an adoption certificate with a photo of your sheep; regular updates on your sheep including his or her life story, photos, video, and educational materials; invitations to shepherd-only farm functions; and 15% off all Ballyhoo products and workshops for the year!

Big Mama

Ewe choose - $150

Adopt one of the Ballyhoo ladies and receive the VSP plus:

- Her fleece at shearing or
- 1lb. of roving or yarn or
- A finished item made from your ewe's fleece
- A birth announcement when your ewe lambs

Z and lamb

Adopt a lamb - $100

Adopt one of Ballyhoo's newborn lambs and receive the VSP plus:

- Naming rights
- Lamb fleece (if sheared at 6 months)
- Special seasonal cuddle sessions
- A set of 12 notecards featuring your lambs' first year


Manly men - $150

Only rams and wethers who stay at Ballyhoo can be adopted. You will receive the VSP plus:

- His fleece at shearing or
- 1 lb. of roving or yarn or
- A finished item made from your boy's fleece

The Fine Print

Your adoption is good for one full year (365 days) from registration. In the sad event your sheep dies, you will be offered your choice of unadopted sheep. Shearing takes place in the spring (usually April) and fall (usually early October). If you do not want your fleece, you may donate it back to the farm.